China’s Influence to Tanzania High

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According to a recent report by Afrobarometer, Tanzania has been named as one of the 6 African countries where China’s influence is thought to be the highest. China’s influence to Tanzania has been reported to be 40%, placing the nation among the highest ranked countries on the continent among Zimbabwe at 55%, Mozambique at 52%, Sudan at 47%, Zambia at 47% and South Africa at 40%. The surveys, carried out over the 2014 to 2015 period over 36 African countries, included a series of specialist questions about China and the responses to these revealed that in general, the public have a favorable view of Chinese assistance and economic activities. The survey also revealed that 35% of Tanzanians believe that China represents the best model for the nation’s future development. In Cameroon, 48% of people favor the Chinese model, while Sudan, Mali and Mozambique each have 36% of their citizens who prefer the Chinese future development model. Overall, Africans rank America first and China second as a development model for their own nation, and this demonstrates that the public do not only appreciate the important political and economic role of China within Africa, but also believe that its influence is beneficial. Chinese development and infrastructure as well as its business investments are the reason why China has such as positive image throughout Africa, however in many cases, Chinese products are seen as being of poor quality.

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