Diana Edward Is Miss Tanzania 2016

diana edward

This Saturday saw Diana Edward, Miss Kinondoni, being crowned as Miss Tanzania 2016 and being awarded the prize of a Toyota IST. Miss Mwanza, Maria Peter, was 1st runner up, with Miss Ilala, Grace Malikita, being named as the 2nd runner up in the beauty pageant. Other top five contestants included Julietha Kabete and Ann Nitwe. This year is the first time that the contest has been held in Mwanza, and judges Rita Mbelo, Sophia Masei, Catherine Kibaso, Joe Makanyaga, Raphael Siantini, Juma Sultan, Eliza Kilili, Ramesh Shah and Prashant Patel presided over the proceedings. The event opened with dancing, followed by a catwalk wearing various innovative garments and evening wear. The 15 qualifying contestants named by Judge Ramesh Shah from the 30 nationwide participants included Sia Pius, Anna Nitwa, Grace Malikita, Lisa Ndolo, Regina Ndimbo, Eunice Robert, Sporah Lulende, Illiminata Dominic, Maria Peter, Sporah Lulende, Maureen Ayoub, Julieth Kabete, Queen Nazir, Abel John and Maureen Kamanya. Anastacia Wambura, the Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, was the event’s guest of honour, and she encouraged the pageant’s winner to be a disciplined and dignified representative for the country in future international contests.

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