Industrial sector shines at DSE


The Dar es Salaam’s stock exchange’s industrial and allied segment has increased in both volume and turnover last week, with Swissport transacting 811,171 shares at 5,450/- each. TSL’s weekly market commentary has revealed that TBL (Tanzania Breweries Ltd) has transacted 206,136 shares at 13,500/- for each share, Twida has transacted 23,613 shares at 2,290/- for each share and TCC transacted 6,800 shares at 11,700/- for each share. The market has also seen TOL transactions for 1,350 shares at 800/- per share and Simba and Swala trading 20 shares each at 1,860/- and 500/- respectively per share. Buoyed up by the DSE an TBL counters which closed respectively at TZS 1,340 and TZS 13,500, the Industrial and Allied Index has strengthened by +1.04% to 5,089.93 points. On the other hand, the Banking segment has seen a lower number of transactions in both turnover and share volume over the course of this week. Banking only accounted for 41% of this week’s entire traded volume, and just 12% of market value. The DSE counter this week transacted 711,302 shares in its Banking segment, closing the week at TZS 1,340 for each share. A further 56.41% gain has been made in share volume and turnover over the week. 0.42% has been gained by the DSEI, and the TSI has closed at 3,911.06 – up by 0.35% thanks to gains on the TBL and DSE counter. This left the Banking segment Index 0.10% stronger than last week, at 2,775.64 points.

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